Octoberis National Pet Wellness Month!!!

Ifyou are like most pet owners you consider your pet’s health to bejust as important as your own. You may also be aware that pets agemuch faster than we do. On average it is seven times faster! By theage of four many pets are considered to be “middle-aged” and bythe age of seven, they are considered to be entering their senioryears. This is why it is so important to have regular checkups androutine bloodwork for your pet. We recommend twice yearly exams forpets that are middle aged or older.

Duringthe wellness exam our technicians will measure your pet’stemperature, heart rate and respiratory rate and ask you anyquestions or concerns you may have about your pet. Because you arewith your pet every day, you are one of the most important sources ofinformation regarding your pet’s health. At this time you canshare any changes you may have noticed or anything new or unusual. Next, the doctor will perform an extensive physical exam where theywill check your pet’s major systems including heart, lungs, skin,and teeth for any potential problems, and make recommendations basedon those findings. These visits give our doctors an opportunity toevaluate for health changes such as cancer, dental and heart disease.

Ourdoctors also recommend annual or routine bloodwork on your pet oncethey reach their middle years. Studies have shown that between 10and 15 percent of pets that seem healthy based on a physical examalone have underlying health problems that the veterinarian coulddetect by performing further testing. The blood testing recommendedcan help our doctors to detect any early changes in your pet’shealth including cancer, kidney and liver disease and diabetes. Theyalso help us to provide a nice baseline in the event your pet becomesill in the future. We ensure fast and accurate results because ourbloodwork is run in-house using state-of-the art lab equipment.

Whenyour pet receives regular wellness exams over their lifetime, it canhelp our doctors to detect and treat diseases that could become lifethreatening if left undiagnosed. Many diseases and potential healthproblems are easily managed if caught and treated early. In additionthese visits can be vital in maintaining your pet’s weight, dentalcare, health and overall good temperament. Give your pet the bestopportunity for a long healthy life by providing them with a physicalexam twice a year!

HuntingSeason is upon us, what is the real threat of Lyme disease?

Itis time again to take our favorite hunting partner into the field,but before you go out make sure they are protected from ticks. Lymedisease is a very dangerous disease that has become more and moreprevalent in the past few years. The disease is caused by abacterium known as a spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi. Symptoms of Lyme disease include a fever ranging from 103 to 105degrees Fahrenheit, lameness, swelling in the joints, swollen lymphnodes, lethargy and/or loss of appetite. Some dogs can developsevere and progressive kidney disease. The kidney failure isdifficult to treat and may result in death. If a dog tests positivefor Lyme disease our doctors would recommend further lab workincluding kidney function tests as well as a urinalysis. Some dogsmay develop heart problems or nervous system disease as well.

Ourdoctors recommend that any dog with potentially high tick exposure(including hunting dogs, dogs that spend a lot of time up north, anddogs that spend a lot of time outdoors) be vaccinated against Lymedisease. We also recommend that before you and your dog go outhunting this year, make sure he or she is protected with FrontlinePlus or Certifect to decrease the chance of the disease beingtransmitted.

We are pleased to announce that we have an animal chiropractor on staff Julie Huss who will be in the office working on patients once a month.  Please give us a call if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Our clinic kitty Penelope having a rough day at the office :)

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